Anybody have tips for financial problems and college?

Answer Ok, since you got accept you have to do is to ask for your parents income (for FAFSA) because to me if you have financial problems then FAFSA is a good way to go, you have to have your parents inco... Read More »

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College Financial Problems?

College students face several unique financial problems. With the increasing cost of a college education, students find themselves in precarious fiscal situations. What complicates these financial ... Read More »

Tips to Survive Financial Problems?

The recent financial crisis put many people in a bind, forcing the to make do with less and face hard choices about where to spend dwindling finances. At any time, a financial crisis can hit a hous... Read More »

Financial Problems in College Life?

The phrase "broke college student" describes many university students. Money problems are common among students attempting to balance small budgets with living expenses. Some college students are n... Read More »

Hi people,how can i get financial help 4 a private college when i dont qualify 4 financial aid&my credit sucks?

1) Don't go to a private college then. If you can't afford it, then don't go. You can get just as great education from a state school.2) If you don't qualify for financial aid, talk to your school.... Read More »