Anybody have any good punch recipes for a child's birthday party?

Answer You're going to laugh at the simplicity of this. I made this for my son's pirate birthday party, and he and his friends loved it.2 cans frozen fruit punch1 liter lemon lime soda (Sierra Mist is ou... Read More »

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Childs first birthday party?

Party bags are exciting for older children but I feel that babies probably won't notice details like that.. Why not give them one thing, like a bubble blower or balloon? For the games, you can try ... Read More »

What songs are good for a childs party?

Check out some Crazy Frog songs, they are techno type of songs and are VERY catchy, one of the songs lyrics even has some dance moves encouraging kids to dance. I would think it would be the best c... Read More »

Is a mad hatter tea party a good 16th birthday party idea?

well, that's pretty interesting... but make it formal and not so alice on wonderland style... it is pretty unusual for a girl to want such a formal theme, since nowadays, most girls want something ... Read More »

What are some Good party ideas for a 15th birthday party?

I don't know where you live, but here in O.C./West Coast, we have a fun dance club for underage. They reserve for parties all the time & everyone seems to enjoy it! I agree, movies have been overdo... Read More »