Anybody had this problem before?

Answer your computer is infected and your browser has been hijacked. Learn how to use "hijackthis"…pleas watch the video on the link before you download the progr... Read More »

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I need to kill my computer, this thing is old and its pissing me off. Can anybody help me w/ my problem?

Microsoft scam anybody got this phone call before?

It's a scam Mocrosft warns about…The scam is two fold. First they install malware and spyware on your computer then blackmail you into paying them to remo... Read More »

YouTube videos not playing on my MacBook Air (blank black screen). Does anybody know how to fix this problem?

I had exactly the same problem, but I fixed it now. Just go to history, then click on clear all history, but only check the two options 'empty the cache' and 'Delete cookies and other site and plug... Read More »

Problem coding rf remote key for peugeot 406 tried coding procedure unable to sycn anybody had the same problem?

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