Anybody got any decent cooking tips?

Answer Stop your gammon from curling up as you cook it by taking a knife and putting 5 slices around the outside of the gammon. It will stay nice and flat cooking evenly

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Does anybody have a decent, tried-and-true recipe for scrambled tofu?

There are 2 things you have to take into consideration, first it is a cooked product and overcooking it is going to make it rubbery, second as it has a neutral flavour you have to bump up the flavo... Read More »

Anybody cooking the traditional Italian christmas eve dinner of 7 fishes?

I'm not, because tonight is my 20th anniversary and I'm not cooking! But my son in Oregon is. We didn't discuss his exact menu, but being of Italian descent, my experience has been that every cook... Read More »

Induction Cooking Tips?

Induction cooktops use magnetic energy to heat food via special coils located directly beneath a smooth cooking surface. While once used primarily in commercial kitchens, the induction stove has be... Read More »

Baked Ham Cooking Tips?

For holiday cooking or everyday meals, many people enjoy baking a ham. This salty, sometimes smoky meat is savory and goes well with side dishes such as sweet potatoes. It is sometimes cooked with ... Read More »