Anybody ever been to fatburger what are there burgers like?

Answer I used to live in LA and besides In and Out it was my favorite. Big, Juicy burgers with all you want on them. And the chili cheese fries are fantastic!

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Has there ever been a year that there has been no wars?

Has anybody been induced Whats it like?

bit like having a rabid rabbit going wont know if your coming or edit don't worry i told you the day time weather and weights.

Anybody ever print money on there printer?

Hello, im special agent Christofes with the FBI

Anybody out there, whose ever had back surgery from scoliosis!?

Something I posted a few months ago:I just had the surgery myself around 5 weeks ago and I'm 17. I had a 47 degree curve, and I could have waited to have the surgery but I decided to get it done du... Read More »