Anybody elses second toe longer than their big toe?

Answer Mine are both longer than my big toe, so are my childrens,I thought everyones were, but read this-DES MOINES, Iowa. A new study by the Forensic Infant Studies Laboratory at Des Moines University ha... Read More »

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Is you second toe longer than your first toe?

Is anybody elses twitter not working at the moment?

Does anybody elses nose start bleeding when picking boogas?

Don't use your fingers no wonder your nose is bleeding! jeez use a Kleenex!

Does anybody else feel like it takes longer to get your HUSBAND out the door than it does your kids?

I always give my husband like a 15 min. warning before we leave and he'll say "I'm already ready"...then right before we leave he remembers he has to put in his contacts, comb his hair and brush hi... Read More »