Anybody else just GOTTA have a Monte Cristo at Bennigan's from time to time?

Answer Absolutely agree with you 100%!! But remember you only live once---- go for it!! (But only once a year!)

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Does anybody actually have dinner time if so, what time is the best time for dinner?

I usually have dinner when I'm hungry !!! thats normally a good time.

We have quite a few Mosquito's in the garden flying around, gotta be unusual for the time of year yes?

Amazing really, as most stopped flying by the end of W.W.2!

I have just had a baby iam separated from the father iam caring for my son full time and receive government pension can the father just come and take my son and is there anything i can do to stop that?

Answer If the couple are married then both have equal parental rights.If the couple are not married many state courts will require paternity to be established even though the presumed father has s... Read More »

I installed call of duty 5 but every time i start it up it just shows a black screen and nothing else?

Your Video card needs to be better or your computer speed (ghz).