Anybody else here who lives in UK and....?

Answer live in uk hate tea and coffee dont understand the obsession!

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Is there anybody here who lives in Florida?

I'm sorry to hear about your accident. I lived in Florida for two years and I hated driving there. I always hated walking across a parking lot or trying to back out of a parking space because peopl... Read More »

Is anybody else here colourblind?

I'm not but my boyfriend is. Like you red and green. Has no idea wether the sky box is on or off. He often thinks the TV has gone wrong when the sky box has turned itself off. He loves the blue Chr... Read More »

Is there anybody else here who thinks Dr Frank needs to get over his fear of Alternative Medicine/ Therapies?

dr frank says he is a gp for more years than he cares to remember..this means he obviously cant conform to any change to the medical profession..he is afraid that maybe someday people will go to al... Read More »

Days of Our Lives...anyone else is disappointed?

I'm very upset about Passions of our Lives. :(