Anybody else beginning to think YouTube sucks?

Answer yeah wtf???!!! i cant listen to any music or watch videos cuz of all this copyright bullsh!t. it takes me like 20 minutes sometimes to find the song i wanna listen to cuz of all the copyright. but ... Read More »

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Does anyone else think ROOMBA sucks ?

I would tell them you want your money back. You have had 2 and neither work right, so a third one would be no better. I was going to get one myself...thanks for the warning. I hope you get your ... Read More »

Is this happening to anybody else with Youtube?

I have heard complainants from other people on their channels too.

Does anybody else think facebook is boring?

Yeah, it really is. And people that you don't want to hear from ever again always find you on there. I stick with Myspace. It's plenty for me.

Does anybody else think swine flu is ridiculous!!?

The public health authorities are behaving correctly imo, but the hype and hysteria is a bit fishy if anything. It is as if it is being manipulated for political ends..