Anybody cured from cancer without chemo therapy?

Answer A very good friend of mine,her mother had brain cancer and was not supposed to live another 6-months,this was well over 5 years ago.her cancer is completely gone.They prayed a great deal the whole ... Read More »

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Is it safe to be around a person undergoing chemo and radiation therapy for cancer when you are pregnant?

for people undergoing chemo it is just alright to be near that person. however there is a certain type of radiation therapy wherein you need to keep your distance with that person. such form is cal... Read More »

HOw many people are cured from cancer every year?

We do keep records about this sort of thing in the USA.That's what DeniseDDS does in LA full time.Over half of all people in the USA who are diagnosed with cancer will be cured - especially if it f... Read More »

Why are some people convinced that the "government" is stopping cancer from being cured?

Hmmmm. An immortality pill ?Would that be a good thing ?I agree with you " Rachel."Only a moron or non-thinking person would think there is a conspiracy to hide a "cancer cure."Why not a pill that ... Read More »

My father is suffering from adenocarcinoma stomach cancer. he had been given 5 cycles of chemo and three to go?

I am sorry for your trouble and I hope your father is doing better. Because of the chemo he is probably not eating much which can contribute to the constipation. He may also be taking heavy pain ... Read More »