Anybody at work watching the clock waiting for the weekend to start?

Answer i am. and i still have 5 hours to go and i am bored out of my mind at work and i just cant wait to go home relax and sleep in this weekend

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What are you watching this weekend?

Martha Marcy May Marlene (2012)The Deer Hunter (1978)Autumn Sonata (1978)

Is anybody watching tv and online at the same time?

Well Guys I Won't Be Able To Sleep (Not) Waiting For This Series To Start On Sunday....HA HA?

I'm a real reality junky though, I'll probably watch it, even if it is crap !!!!!

I want to start watching days of our loves?

You could start around the 80s. Or you could start with a new episode. It's pretty easy to catch on to. My mom has been watching it since 1968 and a she can go for a year without seeing an episode ... Read More »