Any1 ever heard of google earth?

Answer its awesome.…oh wait........didnt read the Q properly......nvm!i gueeessss ill just be taking the 2 points!

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Anyone ever heard of Google?

There are IQ-dropping chemicals in the water supply. That's the only think I can think of that would cause the kind of idiocy on this site that you quite correctly point out.

Hasn't anyone ever heard of google!?

Will google earth ever be updated?

Aren't we a cheeky load of "bastards?"I have been asking the same question for the last couple of years.I think we should be grateful that with technology we can at least see things via the Interne... Read More »

Whats the bst thing uve ever seen while using google earth?

a pyrimid hotel covered in mirrors in lass vegas.Super Juicy !