Any websites where u see urself older?

Answer There are no websites to do it. But there is a software:…

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What are some fun websites for a 13 year older?

www.gaiaonline.comhas games, you make up a profile... not like myspace you don't upload photos of yourself you just write a bit about yourself like your interests also make up an avi. you s... Read More »

How to make urself shorter?

Why in the world would you want to get shorter?! I'm super short, my dream is to grow a few more inches. At least you can fit into all those nice clothes, dresses and bras!! Even though you want to... Read More »

Does I thurt when u finger urself?

You scratched your vaginal wall. Be careful next time.

How much are u supposed to tip at a serve urself buffett?

Tipping yourself is a funny answer. According to you are supposed to tip 5%-10%. I suspect it's because of the people who fill your water and the people who clean up after you ... Read More »