Any websites that show people's cell #'s?


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What are some good websites that show videos besides youtube? I help!! = )

How can I show my parents that I am responsible enough to own a cell phone?

ive had a phone since 3rd grade...uhmm do yur work, try and get good grades, try and be obiedient, spend a lot of time with yur parents, show them yu luv them, try not to hang out with people they ... Read More »

Is it true that "In 1998, Sony accidently sold 700,000 camcorders that could see through peoples clothes"?

Actually, this is true. To an extent. Rather than cameras, these are special lenses that use infrared light (IR) to see through some types of clothing. It primarily works on dark colored, thin clo... Read More »

Which show is better: Judge Judy or Peoples Court?