Any web sites that show how to teach Tagolog to a four year old?

Answer You could start by exploring the websites listed here:…

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Are there any sites that can help me find ways to teach a 5 year old the alphabet?

I use the American Sign Language Sign for each letter and say a little sentence where every word starts with the letter. Since I have the Frog Street Press alphabet boards, my sentences include th... Read More »

Can you use a regular TV and still get it to show all four camera sites of your security system?

Your security system would have to generate the signal. Plug composite video into the video line in. (Yellow) plug

How to Teach a Four-Year-Old?

In addition to being your four-year-old's biggest fan, you are also his perfect teacher. You likely spend more time with your child than any other person and have the greatest opportunity to teach ... Read More »

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