Any way to improve sodastream cola taste?

Answer You might have to experiment with it, add more syrups to improve Cola flavor

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Can anyone tell the taste of PEPSI and COLA apart?

Yes I can.Pepsi to me is a bit 'sweeter' and has a more pleasant taste.Coke is a more 'biting' taste and a little harsher going down.Royal Crown Cola is actually my favorite cola, clean, refreshing... Read More »

Which taste better coca-cola or Pepsi?

Would a bottle of coca cola from 1963 still taste ok?

It would probably still taste like Coca-Cola but without carbonation. The oldest coke I tasted was about 8 years old from a can and it still tasted like Coke but just flat.

Cola soft drink: can you taste the difference?

Yes, I can tell the difference, except in rare circumstances.Pepsi has a less sweet taste than Coke, and Coke leaves a distinct aftertaste. I find the fizziness of the two to be different, as well... Read More »