Any useful tips for givin up smoking?

Answer I suggest starting by not smoking indoors or in your car. This is is super easy! AND a GREAT start. I live in Michigan and quit smoking 100% when it got cold because I didnt like going out into the... Read More »

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Giving up smoking..any tips?

I quit last December after 30 years smoking roll ups, with no patches or gum and only mild withdrawal. I used the Allen Carr method, basically he talks you out of wanting to smoke. You can get his ... Read More »

Tips to quit smoking?

Let's see. It truely depends on you as an individual. One way may work for others, some may not work for others. For me, Chantix was expensive. I spent less smoking. The patch caused weird fee... Read More »

Quitting smoking tips?

hang in there, u will feel amazing in a short time. Drink plenty of water, get plenty of fresh air and sunlight, keep busy, get regular excercise and be happy that ur free.If ud like something to r... Read More »