Any tricks for getting out a stubborn splinter?

Answer Here's what my grandma used to do todraw any impurities from the skin, suchas boils, large pimples, splinters, etc.Break an egg into a bowl. Pull out theskin that's inside the shell. Wet thearea ... Read More »

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How to Train an Old Stubborn Cat to Do Tricks?

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How to Be Stubborn?

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How to pop a stubborn zit?

Use hot water on towels to make compresses. Apply to zit. Heat will make the pus rise and come to a head.

Best way to take out splinter?

The baking soda and peroxide thing is true, it worked for me when I had one on my finger. Other than that it'll take like a while depending on how deep it is to come out alone. Which may be dangero... Read More »