Any tips on the sweats in menopause?

Answer My sister, a total undeliverable in anything natural, was troubled with hot flashes and when she tried this at my recommendation, she said they left…I also... Read More »

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Potassium & Menopause Night Sweats?

During menopause, many women experience frequent spikes in body temperature--known as "hot flashes" or "night sweats"--which can deplete essential minerals in the body.

Are sweats good for you?

i think you are talking about sweet foods . too much of is not good for both old and young .just take it in moderation to avoid diseases like diabetes mellitus

How to Customize Sweats?

Show off your creative talent by customizing a sweatsuit to your personal preference. Sweatsuits can be worn around the house, for attending outdoor events or working out at the gym. Customize the ... Read More »

How do I remove old stains on sweats?

IdentificationTry to identify the stain as protein-based, caused by milk, blood or mud; tannin-based, caused by wine, coffee, tea or soda; oil-based from hair oil, auto oil or cooking fats; or dye-... Read More »