Any tips on ripping muscle?

Answer Start doing curls on the cables. The best is to have your arm straight out, with the cable pulley set to about shoulder level, and curls. The resistance stays the same through the entire motion, ... Read More »

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Tips to bulk up and gain more muscle?

It's quite simple really. Eat, lift, sleep.There isn't much to it. People are just lazy and stop. You can expect great results from bulking since you are a walking steroid producing so much HGH and... Read More »

Tips on How to Gain Muscle to Play a Linebacker Position?

On a football team, there are many different types of positions. The linebacker has the important job of playing defense. In order to play the position well, a linebacker must be big and muscular. ... Read More »

Diet tips and examples on how to eat when trying to cut body fat and gain muscle mass.?

If you want to lose fat, you have to lose fat. Sounds silly right? No.You can't spot lose fat, this means you cant exercise in a certain way and lose fat from a certain area. You have to lose fat i... Read More »

What would happen if you replaced skeletal muscle with cardiac muscle?

Nothing, you will be more vulnerable to "HEART PROBLEM EVERYWHERE".