Any tips for getting used to eating with dentures?

Answer You probably need a temporary soft liner put in. Have the dentist check them and make needed adjustments and relines as needed. Also, it takes time for your mouth muscles to adapt to having the den... Read More »

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Home Tips for Cleaning Dentures?

Dentures are as much a responsibility as your natural teeth. Proper care and cleaning can keep your dentures in shape and stain-free for years. While regular visits to your dentist helps tremendous... Read More »

I find that my dentures hurt when I eat rock - any tips?

My teeth hurt when I eat rock let alone dentures!!!!

Tips on Bad Dog Eating Habits?

When a dog develops bad eating habits, it's a negative sign for the overall welfare of the dog. Whether he bolts his food without chewing or eats everything in sight, such habits can lead to health... Read More »

Tips for eating with a Monroe piercing!?

try taking small bites or drink liquids until yoi get used to the process..