Any tips for getting rid of a cold fast!?

Answer Zicam and airborne, you can by them at any store...its a medicine that kinda takes a preemtive strike on great

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Any hints on getting rid of a cold fast?

Well for me one of the symptoms of cold was that i felt my sore iritating me, just a lil... One of the best medicines i took and recovered paffffff, just like that was Uniflu... Then i tumbled on C... Read More »

I feel like Im getting a cold, how can I prevent myself from getting full blown sick?

2000 mg vitimin C is by far the best.Some people swear by Zicam, and Airborn.

When you are pregnant do you always get hot real fast then cold real fast?

Answer Everyone has different symptoms. Even the same person with different pregnancies have different symptoms.

How Do i get rid of a cold...FAST?

1. Start with a big box of Puffs (they are soft so you won't get a red nose.) 2. Next drink as much water, tea with lemon and honey and clear liquid as you can (non-alcoholic is better unless yo... Read More »