Any tips for a person being scared of the dentist?

Answer Find a dentist that specializes in gentle dentistry. They often said that in their phone book ads.Or try a teaching college dentist lab as they are often up-to-date on the latest techniques. Just... Read More »

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Scared of the dentist?

Hey, hun. I had a HUGE fear of the dentist for most of my life. But back in December I began to feel immense pain in one of my teeth (so bad that I just wanted to rip it out myself). No one really ... Read More »

Who is scared of going to the dentist?

Hey my friend . Not me !! I was in the dental field for 18 + years. LOL. I get butterflies in my tummy when I do get dental work done, but I know what going on and who is working on me so it hel... Read More »


the dentist really doesnt hurt that bad in fact the pain is just in your imagination you think of it as the most horrible pain when really you are overreacting besides you wouldnt want to live with... Read More »

Scared of the Dentist Tomorrow!?

Since you are wearing braces, I can assume your anxiety can't be that bad. So stop over thinking about it. Inhale through your nose and exhale through out your mouth. It will keep you calm.