Any suggestions on what kind of side to make?

Answer I would go with a bright green or red vegetable. Grilled tomatoes would be good with your zucchini wrapped pork. Mix some seasoned bread crumbs with grated parmigiana cheese and a little oil. Mi... Read More »

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Please feel free to leave any suggestions, what kind of snacks should i serve at my sweet 15?

Meatballsdevil eggschicken wingshotwingschicken tendersVegtable Platterwith ranch dipchips and dipsHotdogsand hambrugers

Fall flowers for cutting blooms to take in side to enjoy. suggestions to plant now?

in-door color... a few suggestions for cut flowers. (you spoke of your avocado trees before so i assume you are not in wisconsin?)stokes astergloriosa daisyyarrowzinniamarigoldstrawflowerdianthus... Read More »

What kind of side bangs should i get Pic included...+10 points?

I think you should keep your length but the choppy layers would be great with side bangs that ended below your eye brow. You may want to think of dying your hair if you can it'd really play up ever... Read More »

Excuriating sunburn to face and arms. It has all kind of little blisters and hurts awful. Any suggestions?

Aloe is something that is really good. Hope you feel better.