Any suggestions on what I can recommend a male friend for bad breath?

Answer Any breath mints must be sugar-free. I do like the Listerine strips. Products made with Xylitol control mouth bacteria too.After consulting with the dentist and having professional cleanings, and... Read More »

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Suggestions, please! What do you recommend to improve one's alertness and mental capacities?

Fish oil - especially one called Eye-Q. My friend's son has dyslexia and slight ADH and she really notices a massive improvement in him when he's taking Eye-Q. Also 'brain-training' exercises - t... Read More »

Any suggestions for hiccups my hubby has had them for 5 days besideds drinking water and holding breath?

Drink a well carbonated soda as much as you can in one breath until you can't do it anymore. About 4 good gulps, and my hiccups are gone.I also sometimes do this upside down too. For real, I don't ... Read More »

Suggestions for Male Hairstyles?

When the conversation turns to hairstyles, the subject is more often than not women's hairstyles. Men, though, are just as fashion-conscious as women when it comes to hairstyles and want to look a... Read More »

How do you tell a friend he/she has bad breath?

just take them aside and mention it quietly. not in front of other people because that will embarrass them. it's not like you're offending them in anyway, you're doing them a favour.i'm sure if you... Read More »