Any suggestions on what I can recommend a male friend for bad breath?

Answer Any breath mints must be sugar-free. I do like the Listerine strips. Products made with Xylitol control mouth bacteria too.After consulting with the dentist and having professional cleanings, and... Read More »

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Suggestions, please! What do you recommend to improve one's alertness and mental capacities?

Fish oil - especially one called Eye-Q. My friend's son has dyslexia and slight ADH and she really notices a massive improvement in him when he's taking Eye-Q. Also 'brain-training' exercises - t... Read More »

I'm a 29 year old male who wants to dress for failure. What wardrobe strategies can you recommend?

Lime green shirts and narrow faux-leather ties are a step in the right direction.Seriously, some of the young men in our office dress like this. Usually not more than once, though, especiallly not... Read More »

My friend has bad breath.?

Bad breath is a sign of an unmaintained teeth. She needs to see a dentist, get a full checkup, and then proceed with what needs to be done to get her mouth, teeth and gums, healthy.I suggest a Soni... Read More »

Suggestions for Male Hairstyles?

When the conversation turns to hairstyles, the subject is more often than not women's hairstyles. Men, though, are just as fashion-conscious as women when it comes to hairstyles and want to look a... Read More »