Any suggestions on a HD camcorder?

Answer It would cost in excess of $3500 to get a HD camcorder that could equal the video Quality of a $300 MiniDV tape camcorder.Consumer level HD camcorders have 3 problems. 1) Blurry, fuzzy, out of foc... Read More »

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Digital camcorder suggestions?

I bought the Canon FS200. Good quality videos, good pictures, records with EXCELLENT Dolby Stereo Sound (I use it for concerts), and awesome zoom (37x Optical, 2000x Digital).

Large sensor camcorder suggestions?

The imaging chip (you call "sensor") is only part of the equation. The lens (specifically, the diameter of the lens) plays a huge role. On top of this, the amount of compression applied to the vide... Read More »

Need a low cost camcorder - any suggestions?

Not to long ago I also needed a low cost minidv camcorder and I settled on a panasonic pv-gs85 it has O.I.S and 32x zoom it even has a light for shooting at night, taped about 9 hours on my South A... Read More »

Amateur movie making camcorder suggestions?

Well, i would rather advice you to first identify the need for Camcorder. Once you know why you want it you will easily be able to select a Camcorder for you. Even i had a tough time to select a ca... Read More »