Any suggestions on a Digital Camera?

Answer Since you specify an 18-70 mm lens, it makes me think that you are looking at an SLR. 10.2 MP is PLENTY enough for anything short of billboard-sized prints. Since the Sony Alpha-100 comes with an... Read More »

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Digital camera suggestions?

i have a canon powershot sd 1000 and i love it!you can actually aim the camera at a certain color and everything but that color will be in black and has so many color settings you can chan... Read More »

Buying a digital camera, any suggestions?

Go for any camera from a good camera company (not just an electronic company) like Canon, Nikon etc. If within budget try to get a DSLR camera for high quality and depth of pictures.

Want to buy a new digital camera...any suggestions?

A fujifilm finepix brandor a waterproof camera comes in handyi bought my camera from and my friend got the same camera from a different place and it didnt work as good

Got any suggestions for a good digital camera?

I'd definitely recommend my Fuji F10 (I think it's been upgraded recently) Superb battery life and will take good pics without a flash in dark rooms (great for theatre or museums where you're not ... Read More »