Any suggestions on: How to tone up my?

Answer cycling, my legs are solid now after losing the car and having to bike it everywhere

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How many calories has a tone of wood pellets and a tone of a gas?

Wood pellets are expressed in Btu's per lb. The typical is 8400/Btu's/lb. 1 BTU = 251.995761111111 Calories One Ton of Wood Pellets would be 8400/lb times 2000 lbs or 16.8 million Btu's/ton 16.8 ... Read More »

Guitar electronics: can you turn a neck tone potentiometer into a bridge tone potentiometer with a switch.?

Harder, but more correct, use a push-pull or coaxial potentiometer. You have two tone controls, one for each, Same for volume. Or a coaxial tone/volume pot for each pickup.But to directly do what y... Read More »

What is a touch tone phone How do i know i use a touch tone phone?

There are two types of phone dialing around the world: pulse and tone. In the USA almost everyone uses the more modern and less error-prone tone (touch-tone). It is faster and less prone to error... Read More »

How to Set the Tone for the Classroom?

When a new class and teacher come together, the tone for the entire year can be set in the first few classes. Over the course of the initial classes, students and teachers get a feel for each other... Read More »