Any suggestions for a first time drinker?

Answer I have never taken an alcoholic drink (for health reasons) soit makes me somewhat of an observer since I lead a normalsocial life, go out to pubs, parties and ask for a coke! Drinkingalcoholic beve... Read More »

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Is 9 beers good for a first time drinker?

What exactly is your question? Are you asking whether it's good for your health or whether you have managed to drink a large amount for your age - or what?

First time drinker help please?

Use you fingers as a measurement. If you place the glass on a table and grasp it with your hand as its base fill it no more than the top of your finger(s). This is enough to get a good feeling but ... Read More »

Questions from a first time drinker?

You don't need alcohol at fourteen. I would recommend learning how to spell and use proper punctuation.

Going to get make up tomorrow for the first time any suggestions ?

since you are going into middle school you are still young, so i wouldn't recommend wearing too much makeup. :)mascara: if you want mascara with some color too it i would recommend maybelline one b... Read More »