Any stories of real people getting involved too soon?

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What is a website that you can see gory pics of real dead people involved in drunk driving accidents?

Google the phrase "faces of death"...these were videos that show death in all can pick and choose the ones you want to show your nephew...Be warned...most likely, it won't help...but,... Read More »

Are the sthe stories on the Steve wilkos show real or fake?

Shows are real I would know I work for the show. Some are real some are scripted

Funny ttc stories (cheer people up)?

The part that makes me smile is at the end of the day (or cycle if you like pun haha) I know that my husband and I are trying to conceive OUR child and that when we actually get to see our little o... Read More »

Why do people enjoy horror stories?

Because they allow you to experience the thrill and terror of a dangerous situation, without ever actually putting yourself in danger.Real life is boring, but none of us needs the excitement of run... Read More »