Any software to monitor hardware temperature?

Answer Speedfan.

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What is the difference between Hardware, software, systems software and firmware.?

Laurence, I can help a little, still learning a lot myself..Hardware is the actual physical components of your computer unit, the central processing unit (CPU, or in laymans terms the box) comprise... Read More »

How to set up dual monitor (hardware)?

Find out if the DVI can even be turned on at the same time...Go into DISPLAY PROPERTIES and where you normally would set the screen resolution, you should see the number "1" in a rectangle - this i... Read More »

What is hardware and software?

There are several differences between computer hardware and software. However, the fundamental difference between hardware and software is that hardware is a physical device something that you're a... Read More »

Difference between hardware and software?

i'll give you an example for thisHardware and software is like our body and soul (example only)we can see and touch the body in case of soul we can't touch it