Any snacks that fill you up for a while?

Answer Snickers.

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What low calorie snacks you prefer to have while drinkig wine or beer.....?

Fruit and vegetable trays with cheese and olives are very good.

How to Fill In Time While Waiting for the Missus?

Waiting for the Missus can tire a Mister out somewhat but there are great things to do to both pass the time and improve your view of the situation at the same time. Don't hesitate to add your own ... Read More »

How to Teach My Horse to Wait While I Fill Feeders?

Filling troughs puts you in a vulnerable position, and if you have a pushy, dominant horse it can be very dangerous. Teaching your horse to respect your boundaries and wait quietly for his dinner ... Read More »

Mid-Morning snacks that fills the stomach?

An apple and peanut butter.Protein from the peanut butter and fiber from the apple will help keep you full.triscuits and ham.Greek yougurt.