Any sites like oliverbot....talking to virtual people?

Answer 1-AliceBot.org (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity): One of the the most popular robots online. She can tell lies... Read More »

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Do a lot of people use the sites like Limewire?

Let me tell you of my experience with limewire... I needed a few songs for a project, I did feeling cheap.I didn't want to spend $10, so I downloaded limewire. As a result, I received a virus, my P... Read More »

Why do people ask questions here that can be answered on good sites online like wikipedia or likewise?

Have you used a virtual PBX service like Virtual PBX, GotVmail, or RingCentral, and if so, how was your experi?

There are many companies that provide this service. You can look into, which is similar to the companies you listed above.

I know about free webs and like google sites, but are these just as good as sites you have to pay for?

Search engines do not care how much you spend, free hosts with a proper domain name will do as well as paid ones.