Any sites like oliverbot....talking to virtual people?

Answer 1-AliceBot.org (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity): One of the the most popular robots online. She can tell lies... Read More »

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How to Create Virtual People Avatars?

If you find yourself chatting online with new friends, racing through virtual gaming worlds or posting frequently on message boards, you may be using an avatar. Avatars are small graphical files us... Read More »

Do a lot of people use the sites like Limewire?

Let me tell you of my experience with limewire... I needed a few songs for a project, I did feeling cheap.I didn't want to spend $10, so I downloaded limewire. As a result, I received a virus, my P... Read More »

How do I create virtual people avatars for free?

MeezJoin an avatar chat room like Meez, which lets you create cartoonlike virtual people. Click tabs and options to define such elements as facial features, skin color, body type, clothing and envi... Read More »

How to Get 90 People on Virtual Villagers a New Home(the Fast Way)?

Virtual Villagers: A New Home, is a very fun game once you learn the ropes. So hopefully this tutorial will help you out.