Any sites like MySpace, except safer?


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How have sites like MySpace, Facebook, as well as online forums, etc changed your view of community?

I find that these online community sites are good in two respects:1. You can forge connections with new people based on shared interests. For example, connecting with people from your alma mater.2.... Read More »

How do I block all sites except one on Internet Explorer?

Set a PasswordOpen Internet Explorer and go to "Tools," then "Internet Options." Click the "Contents" tab, then click "Enable." Switch to the "General" tab, then click "Create Password." Type in a ... Read More »

Is myspace safer than facebook?

No, its the other way around.Myspace is infested with two things.... 13 year old girls and 40 year old men trying to pick them up. Throw in a bunch of porn stars, a few musicians and a handful of u... Read More »

Is facebook safer than myspace?

honestly, as long as you're on the internet, it ain't safer, common misconception thanks to very good advertising from FB. Myspace has a bad rap too cause of the media, more can be done either way ... Read More »