Any similar earphones like this?

Answer they are used so other people can't hear what you are listening to, only you can

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Littlest Things - Lily Allen: any other similar sad songs like this (in melody, tune, beats, and lyrics)?

go to and type in the song and it will give you similar songs

What is the pack that professionals singers use with the earphones used for like on tv you see a pack at their waist what type of system is this they have ear phones also they use what is this called?

The Google Nexus One Android cellphone is available via Amazon.

Where can i find this or something similar to this (school supply question)?

Songs similar to this?

I love that song, so here are a few of my personal favorites that I think are somewhat similar in style/tastes:"5 Years Time" - Noah and the Whale…"Neopoli... Read More »