Any scholarships you can get by talent or if you have a dissability?

Answer no its not any different from a normal person. i know someone that is a slow learner and is an awesome welder. he practiced and stuck to it and was trying really hard.

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Have you ever wondered why people with talent aren't as famous as those with no talent?

Because you cant pick everyone to be famous. And most people buy the "looks" and "show" more than the actual talents. To be very successful in most industry, you need a good link with the "producer... Read More »

What does Johnny Depp have that The Nolte doesn't have (besides looks and talent)?

I'll tell you what Depp doesn't have that The Nolte does---an adoring harem of peeps straight from the finest prisons and trailer parks in the nation, that's what!

Do they give grants and scholarships if I have a disability i have asperger's syndrome?

There are grants and scholarships out there that pertain to everyone. Because you have a disability doesn't mean you can't get any. Search around and I am sure there will be something for you. Good... Read More »

Is Peirs Morgan the owner of Britain's Got Talent and America Got Talent?