Any scanner with desgin like scanjet 4670 plzzzzzz?

Answer What do you mean exactly ???

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Why doesn't my Scanner, HP Scanjet 5400c come on?

First...make sure u have an adapter from the power outlet...and another wire which connects this adapter to your scanner.The adapter usually comes with a small LED on u should know if there'... Read More »

HP Scanjet G2410 Flatbed Scanner PROBLEM?

do not use the original CD. instead, download and install the latest scanner software/driver for your OPERATING SYSTEM. then try again.

I have 2 old is canoscan Lide 25 and other is HP scanjet 2400.?

Those old models will not run on Windows 7, they will only run on XP.I have a canoscan Lide that I use in Linux, and it runs great. The Scanjet 2400 will also work in Linux.Try to install a Linux d... Read More »

I have an hp scanjet (scanner) that is discontinued but have broken the usb cable. Where could I get a new usb?

You need a USB-A to USB-B cable. These come in different lengths, so choose one that's right for the distance you wish to place the scanner away from the computer.The cables can be obtained at vir... Read More »