Any recommendations on a good SCANNER?

Answer Buy CANONModel - LiDE70Cost - less than $80…

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I need a scanner for my computer...any recommendations?

it depends on how much you want to pay but here is a scanner you might like.

Any good recommendations for a Theatre District restaurant in NYC that's good and not too $$$?

What is a good Police Scanner Antenna for my Pro 404 Radio Shack scanner?

RadioShack carries great antennas…ScannerMaster does as well…

I need a new phone. Does anybody have some good recommendations?

NO! WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T GET A RAZR! They break so easily! Two months after I got my silver RAZR I broke it by just flipping it open! If you drop the RAZR it's gone! Get a Samsung T809. They're no... Read More »