Any pre-k or kindergarden teachers out there?

Answer I would say besides the social skills, the fine motor skills that are necessary for writing are very important. At the end of her Pre-k year she should be able to cut on a line, and cut out variou... Read More »

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What is the age that a child need to go to pre-kindergarden and to kindergarden in Louisiana please help txs?

I live in Ascension Parish in Louisiana, and they normally have a program called Head-start, children can begin to attend Head start at the age of 3, but the must be potty train, when the child rea... Read More »

To all pre school teachers out there...?

i fully agree with you in this regard. i m totally against giving a pre schooler any homework, for that matter. i m a headmistess in a preschool & we never give homework to our kids.we give very cr... Read More »

Any preschool teachers out there I have a few questions..?

Well, I have read the answers on here and am in agreement in most ways. I have had two experiences now, one before i finished my degree teaching in a daycare/preschool and now, with my bachelors in... Read More »

Any Primary/Nursery School Teachers Out There?

I have worked in day care for 20 years off and on. It is a very demanding job but the rewards are awsume. From the kids anyway.I do caution you there is not alot of money or benefits in working in... Read More »