Any point in getting more than 4GB of RAM?

Answer You are correct! For gaming there's no benefit.No games in existence (or any immediately forthcoming titles) require more than 3GB of RAM. Not even the latest cutting-edge titles like Battlefield ... Read More »

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Why Do Some Feel Entitled to Speak for More than One Point on the Adoption 'Triangle'?

I feel entitled to speak as an adoptive mother and:~ As the mother of adult children who have an Adopted Father in Reunion.~ As a Sister-In-Law and best friend for 30 years to an Adoptee who is als... Read More »

Acne for more than a week and a half getting annoying?

Trust me, you look at your own face with insecurity which makes it look a lot worse to yourself, than how others see it. Relax, try not to stress and make it worse. Keep using the medicine, it prob... Read More »

Why are more people getting cancer than ever before?

weak genes, tainted food and drink,..population control,..try eating organic apricot seeds and lets become a healthy population and put the capitalist pig doctors and pharmaceutical industries in t... Read More »

Does waxing hurt more than getting your ears pierced?

I have 2 piercings in my ear and it does not hurt at all like waxing, and girl I do them both !