Any other moms nursing siblings How to deal with a family that's against it?

Answer I've tandem nursed and 'tri-tandem' nursed my kiddos as well... but I had no *open* hostility to it so I can't help much there. I can say all my kids are happy and healthy... I was never short of ... Read More »

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A question for moms nursing toddlers?

LOL, that's nothing! Elyse is also 15 months and nurses at least 8 times during the day (when I don't work) and about 2-3 times at night. Until recently she was nursing every two hours at night d... Read More »

Are breast-infections inevitable for nursing moms?

I've been breastfeeding for 9.25 months and I've never had a breast infection. Breastfeeding on demand, exclusively from the breast, is the best way to prevent infections. The key is to avoid pumpi... Read More »

Stay at home moms: how to deal with resentment?

First of all you are not alone. A lot of us Moms feel the same way that you. I have been a stay at home Mom for the past 13 years and know exactly the resentment you are feeling. There is a dang... Read More »

Two Moms, One Family?

A visual merchandise manager supervisor, or VMMS, typically works in a sales environment, such as a department store, boutique, furniture store or mass-market retail outlet. Such stores employ thes... Read More »