Any other alternative medicine for patient with kidney disorder?

Answer Homeopathic Medicines & Treatment for diseases of kidney like Urinary Tract Infection, Renal Calculi, Kidney Failure, Gloerulonephritis, Nephritis etc.#Arsenicum Album. [Ars. Alb] This remedy corre... Read More »

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Why do some people use the ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE category to constantly defame any alternative medicine answers?

The attitude of some people here who believe that others have no capacity to judge for themselves is quite condescending.I have the ability to discern thus I am not afraid to look at any informatio... Read More »

Anybody knows the medicine for diabetic patient other than insulin injection daily?

There are a number of oral medications and many are relatively new. The patient should go to the doctor to review his or her case and see if any of these would work as well as insulin. If the diabe... Read More »

Why are 90% of the alternative medicine answerers... against alternative medicine?

Because this page has been hijacked by a bunch of cyber bullies who claim to be skeptics but are actually anti-altmed and have a dishonest underlying agenda.Most of the time the only information th... Read More »

Is western medicine just applied statistics What then is alternative medicine?

Statistics is the powerful tool used to cut through masses of data and decide whether product A is responsible for effect X or whether that effect is down purely to chance. It can also show whether... Read More »