Any other alcohol than Vodka that I can use to soak Bananadine in Please help!?

Answer yes white bacardi will work.any kind of clear spirit.

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Can you make Skittles Vodka with something other than just plain vodka?

Of course you can use flavored vodka, watermelon, strawberry would all be good choices. Skittles are so sweet and flavorful you don't really taste the vodka anyways

What to mix with vodka. help please. something that tastes gooood?

orange juice, cranberry juice, tonic, sprite

Please help, my friend is telling me that if I don't have hd channels than i can't get hd quality help.?

You need both the HD box and you need to subscribe to HD channel package. Once you subscribe to the high def package ($10 month), you will see 2 channels for many of the different channels. One cha... Read More »

Other than a Bloody Mary, what's a good use for BACON flavored VODKA?

Keep in mind these are just off the top of my head and I don't know exact quantities and haven't tried these myself, but the following are great flavour pairings for food, so it could work for drin... Read More »