Any one use ipad3to take a picture of college textbook?

Answer Yup, you shouldn't have a problem- the iPad 3's rear camera is more than adequate for photographing pages of text and these images are clearly readable (assuming you have at least some clue about p... Read More »

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Citing a College Textbook APA Style?

Although American Psychological Association (APA) citation has myriad rules to follow, these rules are consistent; once you have learned them, you can cite anything. Textbooks follow the same citat... Read More »

How to Take Notes from a Textbook?

Notes are handy for your own reference and memorization. Here are a few tips to take notes from a textbook:

How many trees does it take to make a textbook?

It takes less than one tree to make an average 715-page textbook. That's according to Café, a provider of electronic textbooks, which did a study on textbooks and their use of paper. The... Read More »

How long does it take to write& publish a technical textbook?

Technical writer Baron Schwartz estimated he spent 1,000 hours working on his 14-chapter technical book, which translated into working on it full-time for six months. Time spent included researchi... Read More »