Any one own a kindel want feed back?

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My kindel does not connet to my new bt hub?

Both the Kindle and the hub have to be using the same encryption standard. Chances are your new hub uses WPA while the old one (and your Kindle) used WEP. If you go into the network settings on y... Read More »

Need Prank Call Numbers! If you want to get back at them or want a good laugh!?

How sad that you really have nothing better to do with your time. No homework to do? No chores? No better way to entertain yourself than to be an annoying pain in the ***? That's really pathetic. G... Read More »

I want to back up everything on my PC but I don't want to backup to CDs, any recommendations?

I prefer drives that work - like Seagate. You can get their 500GB Barracuda for a little over $100 for the internal drive, and a USB box to convert it to an external drive for about $15. (Or the ... Read More »

Feed Back?

This happens when the microphone is too close to other electronics. A microphone works by electronic magnified sound waves. When too close too other electronics these signals may cross, causing f... Read More »