Any one know why one has to pay tips to service people in the USA.?

Answer I hear you, VERY rarely do I ever see service worth tipping. So to all those waiters-I don't care if you are a busy waiter or on a coffee break. I come in and EXPECT good service, exceptional servi... Read More »

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Why are the people who do the voicemail messages and service people monotoned?

So the company can make more money by hiring less people for less money in another country.If you get to speak with a person they generally do not speak clear english.

Up to how much can a special agent for the secret service make I you know it differs from location but does anyone know around the amount of base salary it goes up to?

Allen something and William something I need the last names for a school project, but i can't find it

How to Talk to Someone You Know when He or She Is Around People You Don't Know?

Talking in a social setting where you only know one or two people can be awkward, especially if that person or those people are really hitting it off with the strangers! To fit in, try scanning thi... Read More »

Brake Service Tips?

Most drivers will find that sooner or later, their car's brakes will need to be serviced. Brake repairs can range from the replacement of pads to the repair of rotors; the costs depend upon which r... Read More »