Any one know where i can purchase a bottle of larios vodka in the states?


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Does an open bottle of vodka go bad?

An open bottle of vodka will not go bad. The distillation process keeps vodka fresh indefinitely. Exposure to bright, direct light may alter the consistency and taste, so vodka should be kept in a ... Read More »

WHY did I buy another bottle of VODKA today?

How to Embed a Bottle of Vodka in Solid Ice?

Vodka is often served ice cold, and stored in the freezer. It can be useful and aesthetic to embed a bottle of vodka in ice if the bottle is to be presented in a formal situation to guests or other... Read More »

Would it be harmful to drink a whole bottle of vodka by it self?

how big a bottle? one of those little ones (no harm) or a fifth (plenty harm)?