Any one know how to put a picture up on wikipedia?

Answer Go to Wiki and click on "Upload File" from the toolbox on the left side of the page. Then click on "image policies" at the bottom of the next page. This will explain what you need to know if you're... Read More »

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How to put a picture on wikipedia?

Click Upload File on the side bar, follow the instructions on the copyright of image etc., once it's uploaded add [[Image:(the title you give).jpg]] to the relevant wikipedia page.

How do I upload a picture in Wikipedia?

Visit… and follow the instruction their.

How do you edit a picture on wikipedia?

You don't. You can upload your own or download, modify, then upload.~

How do i change a picture on wikipedia?

It depends on whether you want to change a picture to one that's already uploaded or to one that's not even in the system. If it's already uploaded, all you do is change a bit of text in the articl... Read More »