Any one know how to put a picture up on wikipedia?

Answer Go to Wiki and click on "Upload File" from the toolbox on the left side of the page. Then click on "image policies" at the bottom of the next page. This will explain what you need to know if you're... Read More »

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I don't know what picture to use as my profile picture! help!!?

The first one is really good. The others have too much skin! AH! My virgin eyes!! :(

How to put a picture on wikipedia?

Click Upload File on the side bar, follow the instructions on the copyright of image etc., once it's uploaded add [[Image:(the title you give).jpg]] to the relevant wikipedia page.

Does anyone know of any wikipedia articles that they know have false, or lack important information?

Come on you gotta have better things to do than prove Wikipedia wrong lol

Who do i get rid of a picture i uploaded to wikipedia?

Even if it's a little selfish to not want people to have the material, the Wikipedia community is generally good about requests to remove it if you're the only one who's contributed to the material... Read More »