Any one know a cure for a cold, ?

Answer Zicam swabs and chicken soup will help. Keep yourself warm to help your body do its job.

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What home remedies do you know of that can cure a cold?

May sound nasty but the important thing is to get all the mucous out and keep it from reforming. Take a good 12-hr allergy pill to stop the runny nose at night and for the rest of the time drink a... Read More »

How can you cure a cold and flu?

There are no scientifically proven ways to cure a cold or flu to date, but there are several treatments used to shorten their duration and improve symptoms. There are a number of over the counter m... Read More »

How do you cure a cold?

There are no miracle cures, only remedies to help you tolerate the symptoms. No matter what you do, a cold takes a week to 10 days to run it's course. Follow the time honored advice, rest, drink ... Read More »

How do i cure a cold sore?

you could try abreva, viradent gel cold sore treatment, lipreve for cold sore relief, orajel multi-action cold sore medicine gel, orajel medicated cold sore swabs, zilactin cold sore gel, zilactin-... Read More »