Any one got a good solution for Migraine Headaches?

Answer Osteopathy. I am a massage therapist, not an osteopath - but I frequently refer to osteopaths.Most of my clients who get migraines have had some kind of birth trauma. In other words, their crainu... Read More »

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Art & Migraine Headaches?

Intense human emotions are abundant in a variety of art works, including the agony and paralyzing depression experienced by migraine sufferers. Migraines have provided inspiration and artistic out... Read More »

Migraine headaches?

I get migraines all the time and over the counter meds don't help at all. You have to go to the doctor and get a prescription for migraine medicine. The doctor will also make sure that they are ... Read More »

How to Use Treatments for Migraine Headaches?

Migraine headaches are causing pain and suffering for many people all over the world and without the correct treatment, life can come to a complete standstill. This treatment will help to alleviate... Read More »

Can one grow out of migraine headaches?

On One Hand: Yes, Says One StudyAccording to Medical News Today, a 2006 "Neurology Journal" study showed that 40 percent of kids between ages 11 and 14 with migraines outgrow them within 10 years, ... Read More »